As the nation pauses to remember Martin Luther King Junior on Monday, religious leaders in Lakewood will hold a second annual tribute to the Civil Rights Leader with a march and service.

Lakewood Pastors, the Rev. Edward Harper of Macedonia Baptist Church and the Rev. Jerome Robinson of Bi-Faith Ministries, discussed the event Wednesday on "Town Square Tonight" on News Talk 1160 & 1310 WOBM-AM with host Tom Mongelli.

Lakewood police will escort the procession from the Robert Clemente Park on Martin Luther King Drive at 6 p.m. to Macedonia Baptist Church on John Street for a service at 7 p.m., according to Harper.

"The reason we are having it at the church for the second year is because we know that Dr. King always had his rallies at churches," said Harper.

Harper said the public is invited to attend the event, which he stressed as "non-violent and spiritual."

Pastor Jerome Robinson noted the purpose is to not let King's legacy of equality and non-violence die, and as religious leaders, to pass it on from generation to generation and to address how to go about tackling different social ills and problems that arise.

"The great man that Dr. King was, and all that he has done for many people of all cultures and races, we think that that's something that should always be passed on forever, that's our belief," said Robinson.

As the nation struggles with gun violence and gun control, Harper pointed out Dr. King addressed violence during his generation, by always standing for love.

"Regardless of how black people were being beat up and killed, he still believed in love and non-violence," Harper said.

Monday's march will include the singing of civil rights songs and the service at the church will feature a mass choir of about 100 members, concerned citizens and action trustees and members who will participate in the program, according to Harper.

The guest speaker will be Minister William E. Colman, Jr., husband of Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Colman.


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