Park rangers and staffers are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse with an event set for Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Courtesy: National Park Service (by Park Volunteer Jerry Kasten)

The structure at the entrance to the Lower New York Bay dates back to June 11, 1764, and is the oldest still-working lighthouse in the United States.  Park Ranger John Warren says it's outlasted most of its contemporaries.

"The early colonial lighthouses like this one, a lot of those were made out of wood," Warren said.  "But they had whale oil lamps that were keeping the flame going and warning ships.  That wasn't a good combination."

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse is constructed out of stone, and Warren says it's seen its share of history.

"We added - back in 1863 - another few feet of brick just to keep it sturdier," Warren said.  "That covered up the dings from cannon fire that it suffered during the <American> Revolution."

Saturday's event runs from 11a.m. until and admission is free.  Activities include Revolutionary War reenactments, lighthouse tours and presentations, and food and drink.

For more information, you can check out the Sandy Hook Lighthouse on Facebook or log onto the National Park Service website.

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