It took nearly 50 firefighters from four fire companies to help douse the flames coming from a Middletown home on Tuesday afternoon, but the mission was accomplished and there were no injuries.

One of the keys to preventing the fire from spreading further in the home than the bedroom was the homeowner shutting the bedroom door, according to Dennis Fowler, the Middletown Township Fire Department Public Information Officer, a key fire control method the department and Middletown Township Fire Marshal's Office has been educating residents on of late with how to contain the flames.

The Middletown Township Fire Department arrived first on scene at the Walnut Avenue home around 2:17 pm with Middletown Deputy Fire Chief John Waltz spotting the smoke and Second Assistant Chief Anthony Fulciniti hustling in there to perform search and rescue efforts and identify its source.

The Belford Engine, Community, Middletown Township Fire Company Number 1 and River Plaza Hose Company fire companies joined the Middletown Township Fire Department on scene.

A fire suppression crew on scene put out the bedroom fire with thermal imaging cameras coming into use for all the firefighters working to extinguish the flames.

Deputy Chief Waltz said the fire was under control by 2:45 pm and the scene was cleared by 3:59 pm.

New Jersey Natural Gas, Jersey Central Power and Light and New Jersey American Water arrived on scene as well to secure the utilities for the home.

It's not yet known what caused the fire but it remains under investigation by the Middletown Township Fire Marshal’s office, under the direction of Fire Marshal Edward Skelly.

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