New Jersey may not be a hot spot for tornadoes but we are certainly a popular attraction for hurricanes.

According to state officials at, over 25 hurricanes have hit the Garden State since 2000. This number doesn't include the tropical storms scattered here and there.

One of the biggest hurricanes in state history that still hits hard on the hearts of New Jerseyans is Hurricane Sandy, which resulted in $30 billion in damages across the state. The storm destroyed 346,000 homes, left 2 million homes without power, and cost 37 lives in New Jersey.

Hurricanes in New Jersey can happen anywhere and at any time. To prepare yourselves in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm emergency, it is important to put together an emergency kit.

There is more to this kit than just your typical food and water. To keep you and your family as safe as possible, it is imperative that you have the following items with you.

Your hurricane emergency kit: what to pack

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