The bar at The Crabs Claw Inn, like others in NJ remains empty.
The bar at The Crabs Claw Inn, like others in NJ remains empty.

I am sure there are some, maybe even many applauding Governor Murphy’s announcement Monday that capacities on some indoor gatherings as well as many outdoor events can increase as of May 10th.  The news is welcome but once again the governor dropped the ball when it comes to aiding the bar and restaurant industry.

While Murphy did indicate that he expects to announce something soon when it comes to this soon is not good enough…it should have come Monday or even earlier.  Ask most of those who own businesses with bars what is hurting them the most right now and it’s not the 50% limit on capacity but the fact that people can’t sit and be served at the bar.  The negative impact is not necessarily equal but the pain is being felt by all. There are many places in the shore area in which you often find more people sitting at the bar then you do at tables inside the establishment.  There’s a comfort factor in sitting with a friend or two, conversing with a friendly bartender, watching sports and eating at the bar.

What’s the difference if four people sit together at the bar or at a table?  If the governor’s biggest concern is overcrowding there are simple solutions.  Only allow people at the bar if they are sitting and if needed separate groups by 6 feet even though that’s probably not necessary.  In other words use a little common sense here and remember…those that are uncomfortable don’t have to sit at the bar.  I believe in America we have some freedoms and while I fully recognize the need to protect the public from themselves at times this has gone too far.

Open up bars governor…I’ll buy you the first round.

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