Feral cats, it's a problem that's happening around the world, nation, and right here in Ocean County. According to an article from nola there are between 60 and 160 million feral cats roaming neighborhoods here in the United States.

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We want to see what YOU think here in Ocean County when it comes to feral cats in your neighborhoods. Our neighborhood has just a couple and I'm not sure if they are truly feral or just "outdoor" kitties.

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It's sad to see feral cats now that winter is setting in because it's going to get cold and food will be short to come by. The question is what to do or what can be done to reduce the number of feral cats here in Ocean County. There is an estimated 147.000 feral cats in New Jersey.


Unsplash.com Wayne Low
Unsplash.com Wayne Low



Now if you do have feral cats here is a great link with PETMD to answer questions on how to handle these animals in your neighborhood.

We wanted to see what YOU thought, so we asked you about feral cats in Ocean County...

Anne: You got that right!!! Ocean gate has all black cats. Fortunately, the neighbors on my street have pooled together money to get them catch/release.. neuter. spayed. Shots.. my guy Ken is awesome. Calling all cats.. have such kind volunteers.

Laurie: No because they all end up at my house...because I am a crazy cat lady

Ed: I have a problem with people who heartlessly have a problem with feral anything

Evelyn: We have a crazy cat lady who helps the feral cats with the neuter and release program and feeding. We provide leftovers if we have appropriate ones and send canned food at which our spoiled kitty turns his nose up.

Nikki: yes yes and yes. the man is a good guy and really nice and awesome neighbor. but, he feeds them. 2x a day. at one point i counted 22 cats/kittens. down to about 8 or 9 now as most have been picked up. 4 or so have been returned. It's a mess.


Share YOUR thoughts with us :)




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