A Megan's Law registrant who allegedly moved from Monmouth County to Toms River risks five years in prison if he's convicted of neglecting to notify local police.

Gregory J. Torrez, Jr. (Ocean County Corrections Dept)

Gregory J. Torrez, Jr.,38, was apprehended in Lakewood on Thursday at 11:20 AM, according to the office of County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato.

Authorities said that Torrez's current municipality of residence is Toms River. They did not disclose his town of origin.

Registrants are required by law to notify police in the communities they inhabit, either annually, or every 90 days.

A spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office did not advance details regarding the length of time that Torrez allegedly has lived in Toms River, nor the circumstances that led to the discovery.

Typically, officers are dispatched to the last known addresses of overdue registrants. Investigators become involved when one has relocated without notification.

Torrez was placed in the Ocean County Jail Thursday, with bail set at $35,000, and no option for release on payment of 10 percent.

County investigators seek more information. They're asking anyone who can augment their findings to call Detective Adam J. Hess, 732-929-2027.