There are so many women who help make Ocean County a better place, and we're recognizing them as our Woman of the Week (WOW)!

This week, Sue and I loved getting to know Tammy Pankiewicz, who was nominated by her husband Anthony to be this week's Woman of the Week (WOW)! Not only does Tammy work hard to take care of her family (4 kids!), but, she also takes care of special needs patients. Take a look at Anthony's nomination below:

Tammy, my wife is an extremely wonderful person. She has many titles wife, mother, Daughter, homemaker, elderly care taker. She takes care of 7 others just in our house hold. Our 4 kids, 2 adult special needs patients, as well as myself. Outside of the house she has 3 private special needs clients one is in his late 80s, another is in his 70s who is paralyzed from the chest down and another who is in his 70s and had a stroke a few years back who has limited mobility. Tammy never wants praise she just loves doing her job to help as much as she can. She juggles all this and now with the pandemic she has to be superwoman with the kids who are in 4th and 7grades doing her job n making sure they do theirs on the computer as well. Every woman deserves recognition for who they are and what they do, Tammy just a little bit more because I see it first hand day in and day out. Thank you f or doing this for all these incredible women.



When we called Anthony, he had the most heartwarming things to say about his wife. I love it when men talk about their wives this way! Grab a tissue, and listen to our chat with Anthony below:

Then, we got to let Tammy know the good news! Listen to her reaction here:

Tammy, thank you so much for all you do for Ocean County. You are a selfless and generous woman, and a true definition of 92.7 WOBM's Woman of the Week (WOW)!

Diana Tyler
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