Jackson School District hired a therapy dog for their school district.

His name is Mighty and what an awesome idea. I love this. Dogs bring out the best in people! According to jerseyshoreonline.com, Mighty reports once a week to the Howard C. Johnson Elementary School, part of the Jackson School District. Mighty attended training sessions and it was very important that Mighty be hypo-allergenic to avoid allergies with children.

The idea was presented to the superintendent and he then presented it to the board which led to the writing of a grant application to the OceanFirst Foundation, who presented a grant to the district for costs associated with securing a therapy dog.

The school asked stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, school administrators and everyone was on the same page about bringing Mighty in. C. Johnson Elementary School takes a leadership role in the Jackson School District to include students with disabilities into art, music, physical education, and more-- especially for socialization. Mighty sounds perfect as part of the 'MUTT-I-GREES' curriculum. More and more schools are using this program. CLICK HERE for the complete story and learn more about this furry, four-legged, cutie - Mighty!

Does your school need a 'Mighty'?

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