Jackson Police have released details of a six-car crash on South Hope Chapel Road Wednesday around 3:48 pm that killed one person and left another seriously injured.

Investigators say a 64-year old Forked River man may have had a medical episode before coming to a stop in the southbound lane.

Suddenly his 2013 Ford Pickup moved forward, hit a car, went off-road and struck a mailbox and a tree before veering back onto the road and struck another car.

The Ford kept going north in the southbound lanes and hit another car which pushed it into another car which hit the car behind them.

After that the Ford was pinned against the other vehicles with the tires still spinning so the driver of the first car hit got out, reached into the Ford, put it in park and stopped it.

The driver of the Ford was found unconscious inside.

He was removed from the pickup so he could be looked at which is when a defibrillator was used.

The driver passed away at the scene.

A 47-year old female who had suffered a serious injury was airlifted from the scene to an area hospital for treatment.

The crash led to South Hope Chapel Road having to be closed at the intersections of East Veterans Highway, Linda Drive and Whitesville Road with the road being impassible and emergency aid being rendered to those involved.

While the post crash investigation was going on police made an arrest of a photographer who became aggressive with an officer.

Police say they observed a man who had crossed the closed roadway, gone around the multiple emergency vehicles which were blocking the scene and was standing on the front yard of a residence directly in front of the active scene and appeared to be taking pictures of the scene and the deceased male.

When officers approached the man and asked him back up from the scene, "he became confrontational and made references that he was a photographer and was on private property."

Police asked the homeowner of the property if they knew him and he informed the officers that he did not and did not give him permission to be on the property.

The photographer was then escorted from the scene by to another area where he could take pictures from.

Police say eh appeared to be complying but, "he then turned and attempted to walk past the sergeant back to the scene."

When the sergeant extended his hand to stop him, "the male swung his hand and struck the sergeant's arm while cursing at him not to touch him."

A brief struggle ensued and the 48-year old male was arrested.

He was brought to an area hospital to be checked for a complaint of pain before being brought back to police headquarters for processing and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and obstructing the administration of law.

He was then lodged in the Ocean County Jail.

The public is reminded that any persons arrested or charged with any offenses or crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

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