McDonald's giveth, and McDonald's taketh away. At least that's the way it feels after getting word last week of a number of menu additions, a single menu subtraction is causing consternation in some circles.

Just last week we told you about the new menu options that are starting to show up at McDonald's locations in Ocean County.

But today, according to a sister station of ours in Upstate New York, the soft drink dispensers will soon be without a long-time menu item.

Word on the street is that Hi-C Orange drink will be getting cut from the lineup.

Someone who appears to work for the burger behemoth posted a photo on the popular discussion forum Reddit that appears to be a memo from the home office, notifying local owner/operators that as of May 1st, Hi-C will be replaced with a new flavor of Sprite, "TropicBerry".

And yes, that would appear to include all McDonald's locations, including here in Ocean County.

As for the public response? Once the news hit social media, pleas for a reprieve have been shared across the Internet.

Will you miss the Hi-C Orange drink as a choice? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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