Primary Election Day is tomorrow and in most years it would spark little interest from me or just about anyone else.  In Ocean County only 15% of registered voters cast ballots last June in an election that decides who the Republican and Democratic candidates will be in the November general election. For some reason I’m a bit of an election junky especially when it comes to municipal races and the ones I’m focused on are in Beachwood, Point Pleasant Beach & Toms River.

Since I live and vote in Beachwood that’s not unusual but what is very different this time around is a Republican battle for mayor between current councilman Bill Cairns and former Mayor Hal Morris.  They also each have running mates for a pair of contested council seats.  If lawn signs are any indication this race may be close as both candidates have plenty of signage displayed around town.

attachment-Cairns for Mayor
attachment-Moris for Mayor

In Point Pleasant Beach there is a battle among republicans for spots on the November ballot and the race for mayor is of keen interest. Paul Kanitra is not seeking re-election and the winner among three GOP candidates will be unopposed so the primary victor will be the next mayor.  Arlene Testa, Douglas Vitale, and former Mayor Stephen Reid are all seeking the office.

Lastly in Toms River there has been a heated primary battle among Republicans affiliated with different factions for Mayor and Council.  Current Mayor “Mo” Hill is being challenged by “Geri” Ambrosio, Daniel Rodrick and Robert Bianchini while nine candidates are seeking three council spots on the GOP ticket.  This one has resulted in nasty accusations and the results could have a major impact on the direction the town goes in over the next few years.

Polls are open tomorrow from 6am to 8pm.  For more visit where you can find sample ballots and more.

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