MANCHESTER - A township woman, who works at a Toms River assisted living center, is accused of systematically pocketing, and pawning, jewelry items belonging to residents for much of 2017.

(Spencer Platt, Getty Images News)
(Spencer Platt, Getty Images News)

Tina Sloan, 48, was charged with multiple theft counts Thursday, according to township police, who are now trying to determine if there are more victims than those they've already confirmed.

The probe began September 25, when Haven administrators summoned police to take reports from residents who claimed that money was missing from their apartments.

Detective David Fusaro, in follow-up discussions. was told by many more residents that jewelry, in addition to cash, disappeared.

Researching pawn shop databases, Fusaro narrowed the number of potential suspects who sold items matching descriptions given by victims, within the comparable time frame.

Checking the list against employee records, Fusaro narrowed his focus to Sloan as a possible suspect, police said, tying her to 59 transactions of more than 100 items during 2017, and lengthening the list of victims.

Anyone who took up residence at The Haven at Silverwoods in the past year, who believes he or she might have been a theft victim, should contact Detective Fusari, 732-657-2009, ext. 4208.

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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