The motorcyclist whose bike collided with a car in Toms River Monday afternoon loses his grip on life.


Shawn Boles, 27, of Manchester, died during hospitalization after the crash on Fischer Boulevard near Glasgow Avenue, according to police.

Investigators concluded that Boles was traveling southbound on Fischer at about 2:15 PM, when a 2014 Hyundai Sonata exited a parking lot.

The driver, Barbara McCarthy, 79, of Seaside Park, intended to cross the oncoming lanes in order to head northbound, police said. Boles's 2015 Honda motorcycle crashed into the Hyundai's driver's side door.

Police offered no insight into road and traffic conditions, speeds, distractions, or other factors possibly affecting the incident. They did not indicate whether Boles wore a helmet, whether McCarthy was secured by a seat restraint, or whether she sustained any injuries.

No charges have ensued during the investigation, which continues under Toms River Officers David Bartoshek, Robert Westfall and Mark Nater, along with the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office and Sheriff's Department.

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