You've heard me confess that I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Said another way, I'm not a very good cook.  At least I wasn't until this week.

A friend sent me a free trial of one of those "meal in a box" services.  I have been pleasantly surprised!  Not only by the ingredients which arrive in an ice-packed box, but by the taste of the finished products.  Said another way, this service is so well planned, even bad cooks can become good cooks!

I found fresh meats, veggies, and assorted "knick knacks" like spices, sauces, vinegar, etc.  Everything was perfectly measured.  The recipes were very easy to follow.

My first attempt was a Tuscan style pork chop dish with kale and roasted potatoes.  My second dinner was friend chicken with sweet potatoes.  Last night's meal was a vegetarian dish made with cauliflower and barley, and a bunch of other nutritious and tasty ingredients.

It took me about an hour to prepare each meal but it was worth it!  All dishes got rave reviews from my guests.  And they weren't just trying to be polite.

I'm curious if you've tried a meal kit delivery yet and did you like it?

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