Some artists choose to put their work on paper or canvas. Others sculpt with clay or go abstract. In 1989, Ricky decided to make his home in Sandyston, NJ his "canvas."

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Luna Parc is the private home and studio of artist Ricky Boscarino. Ricky was born in Paterson and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1982.

Have you ever heard of Sandyston, New Jersey? It's a tiny little town in Sussex County that is where you'll find one of the most unique, and dare I say "out there" homes one will ever see.

When I say 'bizarre,' I mean no disrespect. I love how Ricky has let his imagination run wild and truly make his home his own. Not only that, but he invites the public to experience his creativity run wild up close and personal.

While you're there you can view the FacePot Museum. It's right in the name. Ricky uses pottery to depict famous faces and some not so famous as well.

Most importantly, Ricky runs The Luna Parc Atelier Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit. The goal of the foundation is to facilitate creativity in all people, especially creative youth by demonstrating the creative process by actual hands-on activity. Click here for more on the foundation. Keep scrolling to take a look inside.


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