Sometimes we can't get out of our own way in New Jersey. The stereotypes of pollution, corruption, and organized crime persist - sometimes unfairly and sometimes because, well, stereotypes had to come from at least a little truth, right? But we try. We try to make people realize that there's a lot to love about The Garden State. And then a sign on the Parkway makes you do a double (or in my case, triple) take. Look:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis


I'm sure it has something to do with heavy equipment and construction procedures, but when you have out of towners venturing down the Parkway and seeing this sign, I'm sure The Sopranos and images of rolled carpets on the side of the road come to mind right away.

But hey, in the end, it did make me laugh.

What NJ stereotypes do you think are unfair? Tell us in the comments!

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