A few years ago Muhammad Ali’s mansion in Cherry Hill, NJ was listed on Airbnb and now, you can buy it! The home was just relisted for $1.85 million and is available for sale now.

This home is not only giant but is fully renovated with a modern twist that will for sure make this house sell. This house is a 6 bedroom and 6 bathroom home that is in a secluded area in Cherry Hill.

The house is 6,688 square feet and every inch of the property has something unique added to it. If you haven’t heard of this home, boxing legend, Muhammad Ali owned this house in the 1970s, and ever since owners have put so much effort into making sure the home still honors the boxing pro.


My favorite part about this home is that while it’s beautifully renovated, there are subtle art pieces hanging on the wall of Muhammad Ali that honor him, which I think is so special.

Back in 2019, you used to be able to rent this home out from Airbnb, but now the owners have decided it’s time for this house to have new owners! My favorite part about this home is that it looks like it’s built-in a circle and there’s a fun fire pit area in the center outside.

The new owners did such a good job with renovating the home and making it so modern while still hanging pictures of Muhammad Ali inside to pay tribute to him even though so much has changed since he’s been there. Take a look inside the $1.85 million New Jersey mansion here!

Muhammad Ali's $1.85 Million Cherry Hill, NJ Home

Muhammad Ali's home in Cherry Hill was just relisted and is now selling for a whopping $1.85 million! Take a look inside:

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