There's a troubling trend going around Ocean County, businesses are closing.  When I was driving down Main Street on Wednesday morning, I was startled to see "Store Closing Everything Must Go" signs.  I thought, 'oh no, not again!'  Upon talking to a store representative, I was pleasantly surprised that the signs indicate more of a transition to a completely new business - - a restaurant!  Not just any restaurant, a totally unique and one-of-a-kind restaurant!

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The sign that caught my eye.  JB

That's what I saw this morning.  Yesterdays & Todays Consignment Center.  Store Closing.  Alarming.  Troubling.  Not too uncommon today.  Thankfully, this store closing sale will make way for something exciting in Toms River.

Yesterday and Today's Consignment (12/16/20) JB

Picture this as.... ZaZa Grill at 812 Main St, Toms River NJ!  Melody Tektas tells me that It will be a totally unique Turkish restaurant featuring little rooms with pillows for you to dine at, freshly grilled seafood, lamb, shishkabobs, and so much more.

To start the renovations, everything in the store is 50% off and the boutique is 75%.  The deep discounts will move the product and speed up their ability to renovate and give the address a whole new look.  If you love the consignment part of their business, it's moving to the back section (pic below).

Back portion of the business.  JB

I asked if the transition was COVID and economy-related.  Melody said that it was not.  The business opened in 2009 and the goal was to open a Turkish restaurant shortly after.  However, a series of unfortunate events, including Hurricane Sandy and a 3-year road project on 37 & 166, slowed them down.  Now, it is full steam ahead!

Good luck Melody.  I'll be excited to see the "NOW OPEN ZAZA GRILL" sign and stop in to enjoy!

Now, enjoy some holiday cheer with some sassy ugly Christmas sweaters!