The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office doesn't want you to be a victim of a break-in. To help achieve that goal, earlier today they shared exactly how dozens of burglars do what they do.

The article includes some things that seem obvious, and some that may have never crossed your mind. For example:

  • If your doors or windows are unlocked, that might as well be an invitation to become a victim.
  • Think your valuables are safe hidden in an empty cereal box or in the back of the freezer? They're not.
  • Got a big dog who barks a lot? That's a good deterrent.
  • Do you have a visible security camera? The verdict was mixed - some say it was a deterrent, some say that they take cameras as a sign that there are really good things to steal inside.
  • Think that leaving a radio or TV on when nobody is home is a waste of energy? Well, it could also save you from being parted from your property.

There are many more interesting tidbits from the whole story that the OC Prosecutor's Office shared via Dallas TV station WFAA that you can check out by clicking the link below:


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