If you believe that COVID is nothing more than a virus like that of a common cold then do us both a favor and stop reading to avoid us from being mad at one another.  Today’s segment is about how we move on and learn to live with the Omicron variant that has been spreading through homes, schools, businesses and just about everywhere else.

Indications are that things in our state will be getting better in the near future and that will certainly be welcome by all.  However I think it’s safe to say that for the most part we are adapting to the current virus without having to lock our doors and stay inside our homes.  Many have used common sense to try and avoid getting COVID by wearing masks in certain situations, staying away from large gatherings and making sure that if anyone in their family develops symptoms they quickly take a rapid or PCR test…if they can get one.

Information when it comes to COVID changes with frequency and it would be easy to point fingers at the medical and science communities and blame them for sending mixed messages.  However there is still a lot we don’t know and unfortunately that information will likely continue to change.

However there is one fact that should not be disputed…even though many will.  That is ALL indications are that your best defense against hospitalization and death is to get fully vaccinated and boosted.  That does not mean you won’t get sick but the odds are your life won’t be in jeopardy and at the end of the day is that not the most important thing?

In the meantime we continue with our daily lives….work, school, sports, etc.  No reason at this time to shut down anything…just learn to cope with it.

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