My daughter got her first vaccine this past Friday. I believe it was one of the first days it was available to the 11 year olds. She just missed the cutoff with the first round. I wanted to let you know how it went in case you are about to do the same with your little one.

Shannon's 11 year old daughter Fia getting her first COVID vaccine Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I know there is fear with anything new. I was on the fence about getting my little one the vaccine because my logic was, my husband and I are fully vaccinated (I also just got my booster)  and my two older daughters have had their two shots so why does my little one need it?  Well, I began to rethink that now that I know we want to do some traveling over the holidays. I guess I just wanted us all to be on the same page and to know that we can breathe easier...literally, I don't want to see my kid wearing a mask anymore.

Of course that was the first thing the nurse said to me after she got her shot, she said, "keep wearing your mask because there are variants out there".  I'm with her until Fia gets her second shot and booster, at that point we are tossing the masks unless a private business says we have to wear one. Enough is enough...freedom to breath is why I decided to get her vaccinated in the first place.

So here is how it went in case you have a little one ready to go...Fia said it did not hurt while getting it (no more than any other shot). The day after she felt sleepy and the injection site was tender. Other than that there were no other side effects. She was back to her normal self pretty much right away.

Shannon's 11 year old daughter Fia getting her first COVID vaccine Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I was actually eligible to get my booster the same day. I got my shot with Fia so she was not scared. Of course I had a little help from Koda the bear. Side note, this was not my best hair day.

Shannon Holly getting her COVID booster Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I wanted to get this all done before being on an airplane...again, we never really know if we are doing the right thing as parents but we have to make decisions in this life and move forward, I respect your decision but just wanted to share ours in case it helps you.

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