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Christmas Tree Lights

Every year my Dad would pile us in the station wagon and drive around and look at the Christmas lights of neighbors and friends. I remember loving doing this and I remember the excitement in my heart when Dad said, "Let's go look at the lights." My Abby loves to do it, too. I'm so happy we still do this awesome tradition as a family.

This year, probably more than ever before, there are not a lot of things to do with the kids because of Covid-19. Everybody loves to get out, here's a good way to social distant with the ones you love.

Here's the list of Brick's Addresses all decorated for Christmas, according to the - Most of our neighbors turn their lights off at 10 pm. -

843 Downey Ave., Brick

607 Windcrest Court, Brick

559 Carolina Ave., Brick

17 Mary Ann Dr., Brick

718 Baltic Dr., Brick

5 Wayne Lane, Brick

299 Madison Court, Brick

335 Jefferson Court, Brick

501 New Jersey Ave., Brick

1465 Cedar Ave., Brick

1420 Green Grove Road, Brick

224 Penguin Road, Brick

625 Rolling Hills Dr., Brick

551 New Jersey Ave., Brick

I've seen some of these houses in Brick, they are fantastic. Even if you don't live in Brick, take a little trip and check them out. I've been all over Ocean County this Christmas season. It's really the only thing we can do as a family while staying safe. I can't "thank you" for a great year of Christmas lights. I feel this year, more than other years, they have been fantastic. Merry Christmas.

Sue Moll
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