There probably aren't many among us who haven't spent time as kids digging massive holes on the beach in hopes of reaching some far off land. But now more than ever, beach patrols are keeping close eyes on digging kids.

And it's not unfounded. It doesn't take long to find numerous stories of serious injuries and even deaths from sand hole collapses.

Many Ocean County locals will probably remember this story from last summer where a 12-year-old narrowly avoided a tragedy on a Surf City beach when a hole he had dug caved in.

That being said, the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol isn't taking any risks, asking beach goers to report overzealous digging to the nearest lifeguard stand:


So what do you think, is this a case of stopping a possible tragedy before it happens or a case of being overly alarmist? Weigh in on the comments section and let us know your opinion!