So it’s no news that the price at the pump just keeps going up. Not only here in New Jersey, but around the nation as well. Currently the highest average priced gas in America is in California. Google says California is “averaging” $5.28 a gallon. Some spots in California are higher than that. So they are about a dollar higher then here in Ocean County.

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Now that the pump has gone crazy, what are you doing to save money? driving less is  obviously the answer, but what if that’s not the answer? I hear lots of folks saying they are “multi-tasking”. Driving and getting several errands done at one time to save driving miles. Others are saying they are simply staying close to home. So now that we can get out and be active, we can’t afford it Ugh.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So maybe the best way to save money is to find the most conveinent and least expensive gas. So lets go to the board, the gas-buddy board are see what we have. As you can see above my local gas is at $4.29 as of noon today.

  • Luke Oil $4.19 (Cash) 1690 NJ-37 W Toms River, NJ
  • Shell $4.19 (Cash) 869 Fischer Blvd Toms River, NJ

These are the least expensive locations that I could find, have you spotted any gas stations with lower prices? If so please share and let’s help each other out. Together we will get through this as well.

Share your “cheap” gas prices below 👇🏻


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