There is another debate, it has to do with your bed. When you make your bed, are you familiar with the top sheet? You have a sheet on your mattress (fitted sheet), then the top sheet, and then the blanket. Is this news? lol, I have always had a fitted sheet and a top sheet. I guess though for some there is some sort of debate.


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According to the Wall Street Journal, the latest divide in our nation revolves all around the flat top sheet. On average, people who are 40 years old and above tend to use the flat top sheet because, "it’s more hygienic, more comfortable, and just the way God intended a bed."


Millennials and Gen Zers, on average, seem to skip the flat top sheet altogether, "it’s more efficient to skip it, and if you change your duvet cover regularly it’s just as clean," according to Wall Street Journal. FYI: A lot of people in Europe only use a duvet cover so it is not unheard of.


How does your house stand on this issue? Does Mom and Dad have the top sheet and the kids don't? Do the kids eventually change to using a top sheet as they get older? Lotta questions about such a simple thing. Something for you to consider when you go to bed tonight.


Do you use a flat top sheet? Can you email me at and let me know I am curious.






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