Some of us don’t live close enough to Philly to grab a Geno’s cheesesteak when we’re craving it. You’re in luck because Lay’s is on Philly’s side.

According to NBC 10, the potato chip company will be releasing the exclusive new potato chip inspired by Geno’s. The chip will also be available for purchase at some very special restaurants around the US. After the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant industry is estimated to lose over $200 billion this year. Maybe this new cheesesteak chip will help restaurants get a pick up in sales.

The Philly Cheesesteak chip is not the only potato chip Lay’s will be releasing that will hopefully pick up restaurant sales. They will be releasing a New York Pizza chip inspired by Grimaldi’s, a Nashville Hot Chicken chip inspired by Party Fowl, a Wavy Carnita’s Street Taco chip inspired by El Torito, and a Chile Relleno inspired by Cocina Azul. These chips are all a part of the “Lay’s Gratitude Fund. Each inspired restaurant will receive a $25,000 donation to help with the relief efforts and the impact of the pandemic.

Lay’s has had weirder flavors than a cheesesteak chip. Maybe you can combine the ketchup chips, the dill pickle chips, and the cheesesteak chip and it’ll taste like you’re at Geno’s! Will you be trying this Philly Cheesesteak chip? There’s no verdict yet, but if it’s anything like the real cheesesteaks, then we all should be addicted to these chips.


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