As we move into the weekend, the four finalist schools in our school spirit competition have two more days to show us that they have the most school spirit in Ocean County and move on to the finals next week!

As of right now, our two Toms River schools in the semi-finals are behind their competition.

In Matchup 1, Toms River South is trailing Central Regional by a healthy margin. Not so healthy that Central Regional voters should sit on their laurels, nor should TR South voters lose hope. As we've seen in the past, a flurry of last minute votes could turn the competition on its head.

Which takes us to Matchup 2, where Manchester Township has been holding off Toms River East all week.

Interestingly, our two matchups are so similar that the leads between the two are only 0.65% different.

We've had over 6,500 votes cast between the 4 finalists since Monday, and I expect to see that number grow quite a bit over the weekend. In fact, if either South or East want to make it to the final round, they had better get their fan base mobilized!

Remember, you can vote once a day.