A horrifying discovery by a good samaritan led to a recovery and treatment at an animal shelter of a severely abused cat in Lakewood.

A good samaritan reportedly found school children in Lakewood abusing the cat by forcing sticks into his rectum and damaged his jaw by carelessly throwing him around and kicking him, according to the cat rescue group 'Calling All Cats Rescues'.

The good samaritan told the group that she filed a police report in Lakewood but Captain Gregory Staffordsmith told WOBM News early Thursday that "after an extensive search of our database, we do not have any record of anyone reporting this event."

Captain Staffordsmith added that the department would be investigating the matter of the abuse allegedly committed by a group of students.

CACR stated that the good samaritan was called by Lakewood Detectives around 10:00 am and she reportedly recounted the incident.

Captain Staffordsmith stated on Thursday evening that police have spoken with one of the two Good Samaritans who found the injured kitten on Laurel Avenue nearly four days ago.

"Prior to the discovery she observed what she believe to be a group of younger boys gathered around the kitten. Fearing that the group was actively engaged in harming the young animal she ran towards them causing them to scatter," Staffordsmith said. "Upon returning to the area, another woman was with the kitten. After a brief discussion one of the samaritans decided that they would harbor the injured kitten while the other stated that they would contact the police."
After nursing the kitten for several days police said that she decided to contact the local rescue group Calling All Cats for further assistance.
Further investigation revealed that Rescuer Sara Cameron was tending to Mickey pending a complete examination by Dr. Behan of the Barnegat Animal Clinic.

The cat, now named Mickey, has been checked and x-rayed by Dr. Behan and from the incident sustained a cracked rib, hernia, external damage around the rectum, a detached bottom lip and potentially a broken jaw.

Mickey has been able to make bowel movements but there remains blood in his stool.

He has also received pain medication and is under observation.

"When he is bigger and stronger he will have his hernia repaired and he will be neutered. Dr. Behan had many patients waiting for him so he will he sending me his X-rays and report as soon as he is able which will then be sent to the Lakewood Police Department," CACR said.

The investigation by Lakewood Police is active and ongoing.
Anyone with information regrading the incident or the identity of the second Samaritan is urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200.

"While we realize the frustration felt by many in the delay in updated information, however, the Lakewood Police Department makes every effort to gather and investigate facts so that we can make an informed and intelligent release in conjunction with conducting a thorough investigation," Staffordsmith said.

This story has been updated to show new information from Lakewood Police.

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