LAKEWOOD — Police in this township want to throw burglars off the scent of a possibly unoccupied home by having homeowners park cars in their driveways, rather than on the street.

The Lakewood Scoop reported that misplaced cars led to two recent burglaries in which homeowners were present at the time, because the perpetrators apparently believed the homes were empty.

Police Chief Greg Meyer even recommended people ask their neighbors to put one of their cars in their driveway, if those homeowners are leaving for a Jewish holiday, according to the report.

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Meyer said "many preventable burglaries" could have been avoided by taking steps such as these, the Scoop reported.

Lakewood police reported 11 cars stolen in the township within a 30-day period last week.

Anyone with information or surveillance footage regarding the recent burglaries is asked to call 732-363-0200.

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