Brick Police say they caught a man using bolt cutters to take copper from Air Conditioning units behind the Flaming Grill Buffet on Hooper Avenue Wednesday night.

A patrol officer spotted the man's handy work around 10:00 pm.

When the police officer confronted 46-year old Kraig Sorensen of Lakewood, the suspect took off into the wooded area behind the Riverwalk Plaza while ignoring orders to stop.

The officer called in for backup and along with another officer and a Detective they located Sorensen who was lying on the ground in possession of bolt cutters.

When police searched him, they also found a quantity of marijuana.

Sorensen cut several pieces of copper pipe and did some damage to the Air Conditioner units and to the roof of the business, all of which is estimated to be in excess of $40,000.

He was charged with Theft, Possession of Burglar Tools, Obstructing the Administration of Law, Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Mischief, Possession of drug paraphernalia and Resisting Arrest.

Sorensen remains in the Ocean County Jail.

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