Lacey Township Schools Superintendent Sandra Brower is charged with suppressing a complaint of sexual abuse on a four-year-old when she served as Assistant Superintendent in Wall Township, then fabricating responses to police.

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An indictment in Monmouth County charges Brower, 45, with official misconduct, obstruction and hindering apprehension regarding the alleged incident in May 2009.

She was placed on administrative leave last week in an emergency meeting of the Lacey Board of Education.

Prosecutors contend that the mother of a special needs student reported to the boy's principal that a teacher had fondled him in a rest room inside a school.

Investigators say that Brower was notified by the principal, instructing a staffer the following day to send the details to the district's attorney, and followed that with phone calls to various administrators, but none to police.

Two Wall Township officers arrived later the same day on a tip from the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, say authorities. Officers say she disavowed any knowledge of the complaint.

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