When President Obama gives his State of the Union Address tonight, a Lacey High School Student will be in the House of Representative's gallery watching in person.

Tyler Burt (Townsquare Media NJ)

17-year-old Tyler Burt was selected by school administrators to be 3rd District Congressman Jon Runyan's guest.

Tyler says he thinks it will be a really cool experience. "I think what I'm looking forward to the most is, just being there, being in the middle of it all and being able to witness it first hand and because you see these kinds of things on TV all the time but being there I'm sure is a totally different experience. I'm sure it's something I'm never going to have a chance to do again."

Selecting Tyler probably didn't take long because of the visible roles he holds as a Student Government President, National Honor Society Member and Yearbook Editor among other things. We asked why he keeps so busy in school? Tyler says "I definitely like being involved. I like being in charge of things, not in a bossy way but I just like having an impact and say on what goes on especially in my school community."

But is Tyler ready for tonight's event? He said he went to the mall and did some shopping. "I bought myself a really nice suit. I have a tie clip and cufflinks and the whole nine yards and it looks really nice. So, I think I'll be properly suited for the attire."

When asked what his future aspirations are, Tyler says "my career goal for college at this point, I want to major in International Business. I'm not 100 percent shore of where I want to go with that but I definitely want to be involved a little bit politically." He says his attendance at tonight's address could sway his decision to enter politics.

In his press release, Congressman Runyan says "Tyler is an exceptional student and I was pleased that he will be able to make it to Washington to be a part of this historic night". Runyan goes on to say that "so many of Ocean County's residents were affected by Hurricane Sandy and Tyler and his family were not spared from the storm. Despite this adversity, Tyler has remained a strong student and humanitarian.

Tyler was also a 2012 WOBM High School Student of the week.