I have mixed feelings about politics these days. When I hear about the marches planned for Saturday, I'm glad those people have the freedom to speak their mind.  But then I see some of those same critics posting offensive memes and posts about Donald Trump's anatomy and I think that's unfair, because the office of President is one that deserves respect.

Back to the rally for a minute, I know several people who plan on going.  Some to DC and some to NYC.  I love that they are passionate and want to use this event to be heard.  I love that this great country gives them freedom to do so.  But I am afraid for them.  They could be sprayed with pepper spray, separated from their friends, arrested, or (I hate to say it) attacked.  I got chills when I read some "safety tips" going around Facebook including suggestions such as use a sharpie marker to write emergency contact information on your body.

Part of me is fearful that with so much divisiveness in the government, things won't get done and our people will suffer.  I'm afraid other countries might sense our instability and dissention and take advantage of our vulnerability.

I'm usually such a positive, optimistic person.  But with tens of  thousands of people planning to protest this weekend, I can't help but feel the fear others are feeling.

Protesting is not something I've ever done.  The generation before me had a lot to say in the 60s and 70s.  And the generation after me put a lot of energy into the "Occupy" protests a number of years ago.  Did you ever participate in a march, rally, or protest?

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