I Drive. A lot.

To be fair a lot of this has to do with my job. Even though New Jersey isn't the biggest state you can still log the miles getting from one place to another. That being said in my personal life I've taken my share of random road trips and definitely have driven around with friends looking for something to do when were bored (though since I started this job I let my friends drive a lot more now).

Anyway, what I always wonder since there are so many people in the state who have long commutes like me, how do you kill the time in the car?

I've pretty much done it all, I'll listen to the radio, pop in some CD's, but more often than naught I just let my mind wander with random thoughts (I still pay attention to the road, don't worry.)

That being said I always want to here from my fellow road warriors, so tell me what are some ways you make the time pass?