12-year-old Cole Hagy, who's vacationing with his family in North Wildwood this week, made a lifetime memory last Saturday while fishing on the beach.

Cole caught a shark on the 2nd Street Beach. But, it was Cole did next that might make the biggest impact on his life.

CBS3 Philly featured a story on Cole Hagy and his big catch on Tuesday, complete with video sent in by a viewer named Jessica Lawless, who happened to be walking by on the beach Saturday and wondered why a crowd was gathered around, then saw a shark was being reeled in.

Cole told CBS3 that he thought he must have caught a big fish, then realized he had an even bigger catch.

“I just felt this big tug on the line and I just heard my drag go straight into the ocean and then I was like I had something big on it. I thought it was a striper but then I realized it was a shark."

The report doesn't say how Cole decided what to do next, but, he did the right thing.

After taking a couple of quick photos of the shark with his friends - of course, he's a kid - Cole released the shark back into the ocean unharmed.

Cole told the TV station that he plans to go fishing again while in North Wildwood and he's hoping to catch an even bigger shark next time.

Here's CBS3's report and interview with renowned shark fisherman, Cole Hagy.

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