Most of us are tethered to our smartphones so we're bringing them with us to the beach.

But they can be damaged by what they get subjected to there.  Sand can scratch the glass screens.  Water can mess up the battery and brains of the phone.  Experts say overheating should be avoided so you don't want to leave your device baking in the sun.  You also don't want to leave it inside a super hot parked car.  I know, I know, I don't like the thought of leaving it at home either...

Well, anyway, one curious thing I noted while reading a bunch of articles:  Zipped plastic bags, like Ziplocs, can be simple,effective protection for electronic devices.  The touch screen responds when you run your finger over the top of the bag covering the screen. It's an inexpensive layer of protection that you might want to consider before your next trip to the beach.   Here's some more helpful information about protecting electronics.

What tip or product do YOU use to protect your device?  Or do you just leave it at home?


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