Happy College Colors Day!  Townsquare staffers are all wearing our colors today so it got me thinking about the good old days on campus.  I lucked out and wound up getting a room on the fourth floor of a nice dorm.  Not only did I get matched with roomies that I really liked, but our whole floor was awesome.  Sure there were some different personality types, but for the most part we would all go to dinner together, we'd hang out in the lounge together, we genuinely liked being with each other.  I smile every time I look at photos of us wearing our red "4th Floor" jerseys with white lettering.

What were YOUR school colors?  Are you still in touch with your college friends?  Do you go to college Homecoming events?

Where are our Ocean County College, Monmouth, and Rutgers Alums? Please say, "hi" in the Comments section.

And while we're waxing nostalgic...what were your high school colors?  Do you go to your high school reunions?


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