The papers and magazines I've been reading lately have full pages ads promoting JUUL.  It's the alternative to cigarettes that provides nicotine in a smokeless, vapor form.  I wonder if the ad placement has something to do with smoking-cessation efforts that usually occur around this time of year.  (The Great American Smokeout will be on November 15th.)

JUUL reps say it's better for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes.  They say what harms the lungs is really the smoke, not the nicotine itself.  The JUUL ads and website say things like, "if you are an adult smoker who has been looking for an e-vapor alternative that can satisfy like a cigarette, then JUUL may be a good choice for you."  If I were addicted to cigarettes, I'll admit, I might be tempted to switch to JUUL, if in fact it's a healthier alternative to tobacco.  I just red a bunch of comments on Reddit from people who successfully used JUUL to quit cigarettes.

I'd like to believe that JUUL can be used to help adults quit smoking. Period.  If it gives them a nicotine hit, without the dangerous smoke, then that's a step in the right direction, I suppose.  But if what the health experts are saying is true, JUUL could easily get our non-smoking kids INTO smoking.  With the cool packaging and product design (looks like a flash drive) I could see teens being tempted to try JUUL, especially with flavors like Mango and Mint.

Do you think JUUL could lead youths to start smoking?  Do you know anyone who has used JUUL or other vape products to quit smoking?  


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