Kids say the darnedest things what we're all thinking.

Friday night (November 11), Jimmy Kimmel aired a man-on-the-street clip where he sent staff to interview children about their thoughts on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election victory. Their reactions, aside from being adorable, hilarious and at times sage, were mixed.

"Kind of iffy. He's really rude," one boy responded when asked how Trump makes him feel, while another slightly more diplomatic boy answered, "Not really comfortable, but I mean, the world keeps moving on."

"I don't really care 'cause I'm Canadian, but I don't like him," another kid responded. Asked if he was then concerned too many Americans might flock to Canada for asylum, he quipped, "Kinda, but not Snoop Dogg. I want Snoop Dogg to come."

And while one little girl said that she liked "good guy" Trump, when asked if she's like him to be her babysitter she giggled and exclaimed, "No!"

Watch the cuteness unfurl up top.

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