If we have faith, if we have hope, if we believe...anything is possible.

Hackensack Meridian Healthcare workers like the many other healthcare workers, volunteers, police officers, firefighters and EMS responders are the heroes without capes that keep us safe and are right on the front lines of this Covid-19 pandemic.

They're a big reason why things are getting better and people are recovering and being safe.

Hackensack Meridian Healthcare celebrated the 500th patient to be discharged at Jersey Shore University Medical Center on May 6, National Nurses Day, and what day would be better.

Mr. John Ebright of Neptune is the 500th patient and while surrounded by his angels at JSUMC, his wife and soulmate Vilma was there to see him after a 4-week battle with the virus which included 12-days on a ventilator, and that's something Hackensack Meridian Health reminds us is "not always a good sign for recovery."

Ebright fought his way through the virus and is back home.

A special ceremony was held before he left though as Jersey Shore University Medical Center nurses, physicians, support teams, and leaders celebrated John’s recovery and discharge with cheers and applause and a live performance from medical center physician Alan Zaccaria, M.D., of “Here Comes the Sun.”

JSUMC plays a recording of Dr. Zaccaria’s cover of the popular Beatles’ song over the PA system when COVID-19 patients are discharged. 

Hackensack Meridian Health said that since the start of the crisis "the academic medical center has provided care for more than 2,000 combined COVID-19 positive and PUI patients, including those who did not need a stay at the hospital."

If we could be heroes, why not be like the ones who protect us everyday, especially when we need it most.

Smile everyone, we're almost there.

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