After weeks of voting, we are ready to announce the Best Bar Band at the Jersey Shore!

After over 18,000 votes in the first round, over 26,000 votes in the second round, and another 32,000 votes in our third and final round, the listeners have spoken and we are ready to announce our winner.  First, let's congratulate our Top 5 bands once again for making it this far:

  • Moondoggie
  • Ned Ryerson and the Groundhogs
  • Brian Kirk & the Jirks
  • Katfish Lucy
  • JP La Stella & Co.

And again, thank you to everyone that was a part of this competition.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented collection of musicians in our area and we look forward to giving our local artists a bigger platform in the future!

Now, without further ado, here is our Best Bar Band at the Jersey Shore:

Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs!

Congratulations to this talented band, who have a huge, dedicated following!  CLICK HERE to check out where they're going to be next.  We'll be reaching out soon to invite them into the Hawk's nest for an official interview!

Here's how the Top 5 looked:

1.Ned Ryerson and the Groundhogs

2. Moondoggie

3. Katfish Lucy

4. Brian Kirk & the Jirks

5. JP La Stella & Co.

This competition was so much fun that we're excited to bring it back next fall - so if you didn't win this year, best of luck next time!

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