A police standoff that lasted several hours ends peacefully on Wednesday night at a home on New Central Avenue near North Hope Chapel Road in Jackson Township.

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer tells WOBM News that the Ocean County SWAT Team used a Cat vehicle to deploy tear gas on the man who barricaded himself inside his shed with a loaded double barrel shotgun.

"Our negotiation team spoke to the suspect (now defendant) for a number of hours before the SWAT Bear Cat vehicle was used in deployment of tear gas," Billhimer said. "Credit to my Ocean County Regional SWAT Team and Jackson Police for their patience in resolving the situation peacefully."

Jackson Police responded to the residence of defendant John Abramski at 325 New Central Avenue around 1:30 pm for a report of a female yelling as she exited the residence, according to the Ocean County Prosecutors Office.

She said that a male subject inside the residence had a gun and was acting irrationally.

Upon arrival police found the victim Daniel Shemtov with an odor of petroleum product on him.

During the investigation they learned that Abramski had poured lighter fluid on Shemtov and repeatedly tried to light him on fire with a propane torch.

John Abramski. (NJ DMV)
John Abramski. (NJ DMV)

Shemtov was able to escape the residence.

After being confronted by Jackson Police in the driveway, Abramski ran back into the house.

His girlfriend told police that he was in possession of a loaded shotgun.

That's when Jackson Police requested that the Ocean County Regional SWAT team be called to the scene.

Around 2:30 pm the SWAT team breached the house and found multiple weapons as investigators on the scene learned that Ambramski had barricaded himself in a shed behind the residence.

The Swat team utilized a tactical vehicle known as the “Bearcat” to breach the shed and see the defendant Abramski.

Abramski had the shotgun pointed at himself and refused to surrender.

After hours of negotiations with SWAT negotiators, tear gas was deployed and defendant Abramski was arrested without incident.

No law enforcement officers were injured.

Abramski is charged with Attempted Murder and Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose.

The incident took place at a home near Jackson Liberty High School which is on North Hope Chapel Road.

Several law enforcement agencies including Jackson Police and the Ocean County Sheriff's Office responded to the residence for a disturbance call that was phoned in.

As a precaution, a police presence was added at Jackson Liberty High School, Jackson Police said, to ensure the safety of any students who were there for any after school activities.

"Please do not be worried of units at Liberty High School as this is being used as a staging area for emergency services. Liberty was placed in a “Shelter” just as a precaution," Jackson Police said in a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon.

Following the arrest on Wednesday night Jackson Police said, "Everyone is well, and we thank the neighbors for their understanding as we wrap up and wish everyone a safe evening!"

This article has been updated to show the names of those involved as well as other additional information.

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