At least two New Jersey towns say that by-the-hour, residential pool rentals advertised in an increasingly popular app are in violation of their municipal ordinances, and police are now asking residents to rat out their neighbors.

Jackson and Toms River are two of the most-represented Garden State municipalities on, which launched in New Jersey in 2018 and has quickly spread across the country.

Last week, officials in the state of Wisconsin said they would challenge Swimply to hold residential pool renters to the same standard as public pool operators, requiring permits and safety clearance.

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On Thursday, the Jackson Police Department posted a gallery of pools being offered on Swimply in the township to its Facebook page, saying as per a pair of ordinances, "the rental of or advertisement of any pool rental is prohibited." By Friday, police had updated the post to say that residents had identified each of the pools in question.

In Toms River, a police release mentioned Swimply as one of "several websites" that offer pool booking services.

"Toms River prohibits property owners from renting any 'amenities,' including swimming pools," the release said. "It is also illegal to advertise, either in print or online, the illegal pool rentals."

Toms River Mayor Maurice "Mo" Hill was quoted in the release as saying that summonses could be issued to homeowners found in violation of township ordinances, and that their homeowners' insurance could also be compromised.

Residents' reactions to Jackson's Facebook post were mixed.

"My pool, my property. Stop enforcing bogus laws," one commenter said.

"Please enforce this, and prosecute every one of them. Then fill in their pool," said another.

Swimply still has numerous pools in Jackson and Toms River in its New Jersey listings, but is down to 34 total pools available in the state, down from 38 a week ago.

Below is a gallery of New Jersey pools recently offered on Swimply, several of which may have now been removed from the website and app due to local ordinances.

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