Pickleball is everywhere. It seems like the fastest-growing sport. If you're not playing Pickleball these days, you're not cool. Ha ha.

Pickleball courts are popping up all over the place. Many towns are converting some of its tennis courts to Pickleball courts.


How can you tell it's a Pickleball court? It's a little smaller than a tennis court and it most of the time has a blue court.

Pickleball has definitely surged in popularity in the Mercer County area.

First, we heard the news the biggest Pickleball facility in the Northeast will be opening in Robbinsville, where the Robbinsville Fieldhouse is on West Manor Way.


It has over 60,000 square feet and will be the new home to over 20 pickleball courts. This is going to be quite the place with high-tech amenities, equipment, and dining options.

Now, word comes from TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville that there's another huge Pickleball facility opening in Hamilton Township (Mercer County).

It's called Pickleball Kingdom. Now, that's a name.

It will be an over 40,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art destination. It will have 14 indoor Pickleball courts, a cafe, restaurant, conference rooms, meeting spaces (wouldn't it be cool to have a work meeting there?), a lounge, plenty of parking, and an overlook so you can watch the pickleball action from above.

It will be located at 1100 Negron Drive.


Although the 14 courts are indoor, they will all have outdoor surfaces.

Pickleball players in the area will love this option because the bad weather won't stop them anymore from getting a game in.

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Hamilton's Mayor, Jeff Martin, said in the article, "Hamilton is the center of New Jersey pickleball. With 18 dedicated outdoor courts in Veterans Park, plus the Pickleball Kingdom coming soon - plus, their convenient locations - this is the best place to be for your dinks and drops.

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