Once again, the days are getting longer, it's getting warmer, the school year is almost over.

We're gearing up for vacation season. There's no better season, is there?

Do you have a vacation planned yet?

Are you a head to the mountains for a hike and some camping kind of person or would you rather lay on the beach with the cool ocean breeze and a good book? Both are great, depending on the type of person you are.

Canoe on Kekekabic Lake in the Boundary Waters

As you're starting to think about where you'd like to go this summer, or anytime you can escape on a little vacation?

The Discoverer Blog has named the "Coolest City to Visit in Each State." 

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The blog looked at cities everywhere saying, "A nation of 50 states means a world of worthy places to visit. Each state is more like its own country, flaunting an individual culture, history, and lifestyle. With such a vast country at your disposal, it's difficult to choose where to go and what to see. That's why we dug deep to find the coolest city in each one of our glorious states."

Ocean City has been named "Coolest City in NJ to Visit"

I was so excited about the blog's pick for New Jersey. It's no surprise to me. It's my favorite Jersey Shore town. Drumroll please....it's Ocean City. Yay!


Ocean City is such a great place...it's my second home.

Its nickname is America's Favorite Family Resort.

Of course, there's a beach (8 miles long), a fun boardwalk, family-friendly water sports, boat rides, mini golf, the cutest shops, restaurants, treats, and so much more.

No bars in Ocean City though, it's a dry town. Although, there are plenty of bars just a quick drive away in Somers Point and Atlantic City is close by too.


If you've never been to Ocean City, you should add it to your vacation list.

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Check out the rest of the coolest cities to visit around the country by clicking here.

Have fun!

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