In a shocking move on The House floor Wednesday, every voting member of New Jersey's congressional delegation voted in favor of banning TikTok.

The bill known as H. R. 7521 calls for a federal ban of the popular app due to privacy concerns.

Sponsors of the proposed legislation say that TikTok poses a security risk to everyday Americans because the app is owned by China-based ByteDance. As a result, they worry the Chinese government may access the data of Americans who use the app.

Nearly All of New Jersey's Representatives Voted in Favor of Banning TikTok

The bill passed in the United States House on Wednesday with a pretty staggering majority of 352 to 65.

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As for New Jersey's congressional delegation, 12 voted in favor of the ban. Nobody from New Jersey voted against the ban.

The only New Jersey representative in the House who did not vote in favor of the ban was Democrat Andy Kim. Kim, who represents the state's third congressional district, did not vote of any kind. He has already announced his candidacy for the upcoming Senate election.

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The bill now heads to the United States Senate, where it is unlikely to be brought for a vote before the 2024 election.

Banning TikTok in the US Could Be Unpopular

Despite security concerns, support for such a ban is not popular amongst Americans.

In fact, the support for such a ban among Americans seems to be declining.

In March 2023, a Pew Research Study found that 50% of adults in the US supported the prospect of banning TikTok. That support dropped to only 38% in favor by last December, Pew says. 

Trump Issues Executive Orders Barring Transactions With TikTok And WeChat
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However, if the resolution was to advance beyond that: President Joe Biden says he would sign the bill to ban TikTok.

The White House has been careful to clarify that the goal is to end Chinese ownership of the app, and not to ban it.

"Do we want TikTok, as a platform, to be owned by an American company or owned by China? Do we want the data from TikTok - children's data, adults’ data - to be going, to be staying here in America or going to China?" Jake Sullivan, the White House's national security adviser, told the media this week. 

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