Will New Jersey adopt this viral new drink as the drink of the summer? New Jersey is one of the best states in the entire country to spend the summer months. There’s always so much to do because we’re so close to Philly and New York, you can travel down the shore or even just hang out in town.

There really is no vibe that matches a New Jersey summer vibe. With that being said, the perfect cherry on top of a New Jersey summer is trying out new foods and cocktails and apparently, this summer is the summer of the savory martinis. We know that espresso martinis, dirty martinis, and other similar drinks are really having a moment right now.

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According to the internet though, this summer is the summer of the Garlic Bread Martini. Will New Jerseyans adopt this as our official drink of the summer? I’m a huge fan of savory drinks.

Extra dirty martinis, spicy margaritas, and anything of the sort is my cup of tea, which is why I’m personally on board for this to be New Jersey’s official drink of the summer. It’s a little bougie and takes some effort, but the end result looks to be worth it.

The Garlic Bread Martini Is The Drink Of Summer 2024

@sansabinoonyc via Instagram
@sansabinoonyc via Instagram

This restaurant in New York City is going viral for its "Garlic Bread Martini" and it's being named the drink of the summer. Now, everyone is either swarming to the city to try it themselves or making the recipe themselves at home. You can watch a tutorial of it being made, here.

It will take some effort, but it looks amazing. This drink can be found at San Sabino in the West Village, but the restaurant is sharing its secret recipe to make sure everyone can get in on this trend this summer.  According to the NY Post, you combine garlic, sourdough bread scraps, dried oregano, and chilies in a pan with olive oil and butter.

You sautee all of the ingredients and then blend them with vodka before placing them in the freezer. They mention that the fat components are separated and removed easily after freezing, leaving behind a garlic bread-flavored vodka to use in your martini. Next, you just make a regular dirty martini.

After you infuse the vodka, it’s easy! The drink is listed as Scottie’s Martini on the San Sabino website, but is this too much work to make for yourself at home? Maybe we’ll stick to High Noons this summer…

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