Heads up. E-ZPass may have overcharged you if you drive in New Jersey.

You'd better check your bill. A man in North Jersey was charged like he had a truck instead of a car, according to Northjersey.com.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it cost him hundreds. It happened on both of his vehicles, one is a Hyundai and the other is a BMW.

The man lives in Teaneck, which is up in Bergen County, but it could happen anywhere.

After reading his E-ZPass statement carefully he noticed there were three instances where he was charged the truck rate instead of the car rate when he traveled on the George Washington Bridge.


All three instances were within the last year.

Instead of the normal car rate for each of his cars, $12.75 or $9.88, in May 2023 he was charged $140, in July 2023 he was charged $80, and in April $91.75.

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Yikes. That adds up.

And, it wasn't just him. The same thing happened to his daughter, who has a completely separate E-ZPass account and doesn't live at home. She has a different address, so they're not linked at all. She was overcharged on the George Washington Bridge and the Goethals Bridge in the past year.


The family wants you to know what happened to them so you can make sure it didn't happen to you too. Check your bills.

A Port Authority representative said, "While tolling errors are exceedingly rare, we understand how inconvenient they can be to a paying customer who is doing the right thing. We continue to work with our teams to follow up on these cases to ensure that our tolling systems are charging drivers accurately."

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The overcharged family did get reimbursed for the error.

I hate that I have to analyze every bill now. You should be able to trust that it's correct.

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