Even though New Jersey is home to five of the most expensive property zip codes in the United States and the third-highest Household Expenses, the reality is that South Jersey is very different than North Jersey.  The differences between the two major areas of New Jersey go well beyond their proximity to major cities and population density.

New Jersey is home to the highest median household income, which is over $22,000 more than the Real Median Income in the United States according to the US Census Bureau.

The latest US Census Data gathered by Datawrapper and distributed by NJ Advance Media shows that the highest Median Household Income in the southernmost counties in New Jersey is Haddonfield.  The Municipality in Camden County has an average Household Income of $178,362.

Haddonfield Exit sign on I-295 in New Jersey
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Among the 32 New Jersey Towns with Median Household Incomes above $200,000 none are in the Southern Six Counties in the Garden State.  Only one is in Ocean County (Mantoloking Borough - $240,417 Median Household Income).

Of the six Southern Most Counties in New Jersey (Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, Glouster, Camden, and Atlantic), only two towns are in the top 100 Median Household Incomes.  The Salem County town of Penns Grove has the lowest Median Household Income at $29,821.  There are 560 New Jersey Towns listed by Datawrapper.

Here are the Top Ten South Jersey Towns With The Highest Median Household Income:

*Haddonfield, Camden County): $178,362 (50th)
*Harrison Township, Gloucester County): $173,375 (60th)
*Avalon, Cape May County: $153,295 (104th)
*Woolwich Township, Gloucester County: $152,695 (108th)
*Pilesgrove Township, Salem County: $145,685 (121st)
*Elk Township, Gloucester County: $145,431 (122nd)
*East Greenwich Township, Gloucester County: $135,266 (148th)
*Linwood, Atlantic County: $133,487 (150th)
*Stone Harbor, Cape May County: $130,000 (159th)
*Port Republic, Atlantic County: $128,611 (161st)

For reference, here are the Ten South Jersey Towns With The Lowest Median Household Income:

*Penns Grove, Salem County: $29,821 (560th)
*Salem City in Salem County: $35,143 (559th)
*Atlantic City in Atlantic County: $35,188 (558th)
*Camden City in Camden County: $36,258 (557th)
*Woodbine, Cape May County: $41,167 (556th)
*Bridgeton, Cumberland County: $44,440 (555th)
*Pleasantville, Atlantic County: $48,704 (552nd)
*Wildwood, Cape May County: $49,131 (551st)
*Audubon Park, Camden County: $51,387 (548th)
*Egg Harbor City, Atlantic County: $51,675 (547th)

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